About Obsidian Consulting

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has”
– M. Mead

Obsidian Consulting believes in changing the world for the better. With over 15 years of Information Technology and Project Management experience, we are a team of individuals who specialize in our respective fields to help our clients projects come to life.

Having been entrenched in the industry for a long time, we noticed that there was a disconnect between companies and their clients with regards to managing their development projects – whether those projects were web based or mobile. The problems that we saw were that either projects were not scoped correctly, which lead to cost overruns or rushed projects, or that projects were finished on time and on budget, but the client was left with a sense of “what next?”.

We felt that this disconnect could be controlled by a skilled project manager who could manage the project on behalf of the client and not the developer, and not only that, but could then take the finished product and consult and advise on growing the project following, whether the project was an e-commerce solution, or an event, or a non-profit or charity fundraiser, etc.

We decided that we could fill these needs and thus, have assembled resources which are skilled in I.T. project management (web, mobile, infrastructure and architecture), development management (both on-shore and off-shore), and marketing and SEO. With this skill set in place, we are confident that we can grow a project from the infancy of the idea phase to the completed project essentially taking a project from A to Z and beyond.

We are committed to making our client’s projects successful, because when they are successful, we are successful.